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From the Top UK publications, including City AM and The Telegraph, leading industry publications like Insurance Times to global media outlet Insurance Business, Bundeep is a regular in the press and media.

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What's the buzz about blockchain in insurance?

28 November 2018

To give a clearer picture on how the emergence of blockchain will affect the insurance industry and brokers in particular, Insurance Business spoke with Bundeep Singh Rangar, founder and CEO of PremFina, a London-based premium finance solution provider catering to insurance brokers.

“The best way to understand blockchain is to contrast it with email, which involves an exchange of content,” said Rangar. “If a person sends an email, the sender and receiver both have copies of the same content.


PremFina will offer non-recourse deals for unrated insurers

19 October 2018

PremFina is open to offering non-recourse premium finance deals to brokers backed by unrated insurers.

And as it seeks to further expand its book next year, founder and chief executive Bundeep Rangar revealed he was looking to launch an acquisition finance product next year, to further meet broker demand.


From writing the news to making it: Bundeep Rangar aims high

9 October 2018

As a journalist with media giant Bloomberg interviewing some of the most famous and powerful businessmen in the world, a realisation began to dawn on the young Bundeep Rangar.

Although he loved the buzz of journalism, Rangar realised his destiny was elsewhere.

“It was great interviewing those people, but I knew I wanted to be the person to go and do it,” he says.


How to enjoy insurance gains using blockchain infrastructure

16 August 2018

Blockchain technology provides brokers and carriers with a “really effective” way to perform KYC checks, according to Bundeep Singh Rangar, CEO of financial software firm PremFina. The sheer transparency and immutability of the blockchain makes it very difficult for people to attempt fraudulent transactions.

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The blockchain insurance broker: a tale of optimization and efficiency

06 August 2018

Blockchain has incredible potential in the insurance industry. At a fundamental level, it enables the transfer of value to an immutable record-keeping technology, which could increase efficiencies across all levels of the insurance value chain.

Moving forward for brokers, blockchain is a tale of optimization and efficiency, according to Bundeep Singh Rangar, CEO of financial software firm PremFina.


GDPR and policyholder security on the blockchain

26 July 2018

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect since May, regulators have clamped down on how organisations use and store customer data, writes Bundeep Singh Rangar PremFina chief executive. 

ICOs offer a brave new world to the insurance sector

16 May 2018

Over the next two days, more than 7,000 insurance professionals, brokers and entrepreneurs will converge on Manchester for BIBA – one of the industry’s flagship conferences. For the first time, there will be an innovation zone – at which the incumbents can rub shoulders with the “insurtech” start-ups that, in some case, are trying to eat their lunch.


Expert view: How Blockchain could change the Insurance Industry

16 April 2018

A look at how new technology can transform insurance payments, by Bundeep Singh Rangar, chief executive, Premfina.

Your flight from London to Nice is delayed by four hours. This is verifiable by the airport authority and the airline. You bought flight insurance. This is confirmable via your insurer and by yourself. Given the delay, you are now entitled to claim insurance compensation.

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The insurance industry needs to embrace blockchain, starting now

31 January 2018

In March 2017, the expression “financial inclusion” hit its peak popularity on Google.

This is excellent news. There are over two billion unbanked individuals in the world today – people with no access to banking services. This is a global problem. In India, 19 per cent of the population – 1.2bn people – is unbanked, according to a joint Assocham-EY study, while 22 per cent of adults in Poland do not have a bank account.